Billy Charles Root Just Won a Publishing Contract!


We are pleased to announce the winner of our publishing contract contest as Billy Charles Root with his entry No Vacancy and an outstanding essay!

~ No Vacancy ~

The bread of life

Laid in a trough

No room at the inn

Like you would’ve thought

For sinner to feast upon

For the hungry to eat

Not for our bodies

But for our souls to keep


For all who are weary to finally rest

To lay our head on the father’s chest

No room for his birth

No room for grace

No room anywhere

There was no place

No place for a baby

we want a king

A warrior strong and mighty

With a sword to swing

To cut down our oppressors

And set all things right

How would this baby bring us any light


Soft and gentle son of God

A lamb to be slain

Seems a bit odd

Raised by a stepfather

working with wood

How would this do us any good

Our King to live a poor man’s life

Poverty-stricken and full of strife

Sounds more like a slave

not the bread of life


A Misfit weirdo

Ghetto out casted

Put on flesh

Hope of the world

To him we are fastened

Creator from the start

Finisher of the faith

Walk with sinners

In a human state



God with us

Born to die a sinners fate

Wait a Minuit

That’s not a king

At least not one I’ve ever seen

I wonder if there’s room for me

In the heart of such a selfless king


Is there room for me and all my sins?

Is there room in his kingdom?

Can he be my redeemer kin?

Is there a space in the wood shop?

Can he sand me smooth?

Will he knock off the rough edges?

Can he really be the truth?

They say he is the life

The only way to the father

But he eats with drunks and prostitutes

Why would God even offer?

Is there room for us?

Is there room for the curser?

The stealer?

The luster?

How about the killer?

The hater?

The unbelieving trouble maker?


Maybe that’s not the right question

Maybe not at all

Maybe he’s the one asking

Maybe we make this call

What If he is free

To save all who want to be

They say he will die

To take the place of me

My pardon he will buy

The bread of life

laid in a trough

No room at the inn

like you would’ve thought

For sinner to feast upon

For the hungry to eat

Not for our bodies

But for our souls to keep


© Billy Charles Root

Writing Contest Entry 2014


Billy’s Essay:

I write to pour out my entire self; my heart, soul, spirit and mind. There is this constant buildup of thoughts and rhymes, new words create themselves within my mind. Words start combining themselves with other words. I can feel the energy that this process creates within me and I feed off of it. My heart rate changes and my breathing becomes shallow like I’m having a heart attack and anxiety plagues me until I can get it out on paper, tablet, pc, anything. I can create what I see and hear inside my head so that I can hold it and see it in my hands and cherish it and then share it with any and all who might take the time to share in what I have created.


I also write because writing just happened one day. I am a Christian and upon becoming a Christian I fell in love with Jesus and the writing of the King James Bible. Even now reading from it calms me and provokes me to express my heart in this relationship. These are the most inspiring objects for me. I am inspired to write that I might maybe in some way, no matter how minute or large, make an impact.  I hope to change or make a change in this world while I’m in it. I hope to leave behind the inspirations that inspired me for my children and friends and even possibly people I won’t ever meet.


To go deeper into why I write I must go deeper into my thoughts. I see freedom in writing. I can go anywhere I want at any time I want with whomever I want. I can create smells, tastes, sounds, feelings, people, places and things. If I write out my love for someone or something my thoughts become real, tangible, and seeable. I can send an actual piece of me across the globe and touch another’s mind, heart, and soul. I can encourage and comfort my loved ones with a special write that is all about them, like immortalizing them in some way. I can freeze time, speed it up, or just stop it if I want to.


What inspires me as much as the King James Bible and my personal relationship with Christ is life; Living life, seeing life, hearing life. To go through a situation and see it in a non-mundane way, to see it in a magical way, and writing does that. I write mostly poetry because there are not many rules and I can combine everyday phrases and words creating worlds within worlds in different settings. I can describe hot and cold or dark and light.  It’s just all so limitless! I can combine things like butterfly and dragon and describe a beautiful yet strong women or switchblade and songbird and describe the sharp sounds in music or musical instruments. Most of all, I can bring poetry out of the bible and life and show others the hidden beauty that is all throughout the entire written word and our world.

By Billy Charles Root


Welcome To the Creative Talents Unleashed Publishing Family Billy!


This contest brought to you by CTU Publishing Group Starving Artist Fund.

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