Introducing Author Billy Charles Root “Pressing On”

Billy Front Cover

Published by Creative Talents Unleashed

Preface . . .

This book is a collection of my true heart of hearts. The poems herein are direct representations of sight and emotions I have experienced along this journey thus far. From hate, sadness and depression to love, forgiveness and joy mixed in with a little creative thinking, a few rants and a personal discovery of what it’s like to love writing out each step I take.

In order for me to fully explain where these writings came from I must start at the beginning. I am a born again Christian. I accepted the Lord in 1998. I said the prayer was baptized and tried hard to fit into this new world of forgiveness, grace and mercy but, found that around every corner failure was still a very real reality in me and others. When the pastor of the church I attended announced he had cheated on his wife I flipped out. I decided I wasn’t going to learn anything from a man who couldn’t learn it himself and so I took my family and we left the church never to return.

Continued in book . . .

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