Introducing Author Hrishikesh Padhye “Echoes And Consequences”

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Published by Creative Talents Unleashed

Preface . . .

Life is full of complexity and various choices that come and go. This fact, for many, can be profound even daunting. How does one deal with life’s mysteries, decipher its illusions, brace for situations that can change drastically at times? How does one handle the stumbling blocks, the obstacles and the many challenges that threaten to block their path, challenges one could have never dreamed of? Life does not come with a manual filled with instructions. We are born as infants unarmed and thus, at the mercy of our environment. If we are fortunate that environment is nurturing; infusing one with culture, empathy, compassion, wisdom and vital knowledge that is needed to navigate the uncharted roads. Unfortunately many are not as lucky and are forced to head on their own; poorly equipped for choosing a path or aiming at their goals.

Some years ago I realized my obsession with Linguistics. I found that it allowed me to combat the negative situations in life. The words themselves became my sword and my shield. I believe with words the possibilities are endless. That words can rescue you and entangle you. That words can seduce or they can kill. In the right hands words can make life an easy thing. I personally find verbal expression to be a most beautiful and important thing, which is the focus of my book. Allow me to share my thoughts and words with you. Show you the beauty that a mere word can hold. How they can help one overcome the mysteries and illusions that blurs our vision and stunts our growth.

Continued in book . . .


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