Shining The Spotlight On Marshall G. Kent Sr.: Nevermore


Shining The Spotlight On Marshall G. Kent Sr.: Nevermore

You’ve brought your baggage to my door,
This the baggage of the traveling whore.
Asked I, “Where did you come from?”
You answered, “Nevermore.”

You filled up my home with your sinful din,
But I’ll not be taken aback again.
You rearranged the furniture in my den,
And I asked, “What have you to say again?”

Nevertheless, never say, “Nevermore,”
Dust accumulations also occurred before.
And now dust lies on my cabinets again,
For lust rains down upon my glistening skin.

And lust is what I want and also abhor,
Love is the flower and lust the gore.
For upon everything I’ve ever stood for,
I understand the plight of the whore.

I didn’t look closely at your bags,
No! I didn’t consider though memory nags.
They have quite familiar patterns adorning,
I should have heeded their awful warnings.

I see all of this before me as you drop your clothes,
And all this while my eyes are closed.
My mind’s eye cannot bear this strain,
Of looking into my mirror again.

But there you are after I bid you farewell,
You always come back, my living Hell.
And I’ve prayed so hard and turned away,
Still you are here, you say you’re back to stay…

How quoth the raven of nevermore,
Black as pitch and her that I adore,
And for score and furthermore
How close I the door to nevermore?

© Marshall G. Kent Sr

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


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