Introducing Author Demitri Tyler “Measuring For Balance”


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Preface . . .

I was a quiet child who never spoke much, labeled shy though that was really not the case. What I was and am is an observer of people and actions that create situations both positive and negative. My childhood years were spent quietly trying to dissect the forces at work in people’s lives, trying to understand my environment; what shaped it and in doing so shaped us as well. I was given the nickname “Man” by my Aunt Nita who along with family claimed that I was an old soul that had returned wise beyond my years, and because of that distinction I was allowed to sit at the feet of the elders listening, learning, and gathering wisdom that has helped me throughout the years.

I was born and raised in San Francisco California during the 70’s, in the historic Fillmore District, when it was still pretty much a predominantly African American neighborhood. The city as a whole was a melting pot, a gumbo of ethnicities fused together, you could say San Francisco at that time was as American as America could get. It was also a time of great change. Gone were the 50’s and 60’s when the district was deemed the Harlem of the West, gone were the rock and roll venues which featured icons such as Janis Joplin, gone were the legendary jazz clubs such as Jimbo’s Bop City, the wars were over the ship yards being closed and on the way out was the summer of love. My journey began amidst the destructive fallout of urban renewal. This meant relocation, massive unemployment, underemployment, and the rise of HUD housing that turned into ghetto projects; escalating crime, introducing a flood of drugs and the slow crumbling of the family unit. You could say from that time till the present, I have been measuring for balance. This book in a subtle way is a reflection of things I have seen and experienced, things that have helped shape my thoughts and ideas, things that have shaped me along the way.

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