Shining The Spotlight On Marshall G. Kent Sr.: She Came


Shining The Spotlight On Marshall G. Kent Sr.: She Came

She came to me clothed in shimmering moonlight,
Aglow in plies of silk and soil alike.
Her pitch veils waved madly, of earth and sky she took flight–
Know her passing passions became my delicious delights.

She came to me, bathed, on a Chardonnay tinged breeze,
Filling me with scents of ancient musk’s.
Her veils madly waved, stroking me where she pleased–
Know her flights and fancies dropped me to my knees.

She came to me, awakened by my ceaseless dreaming,
Effortlessly beaming into my fantastic REM.
Her veils waved madly, upon my mind, drawing–
Know therefore then this was a mutual combining,
Wrought through the ache of my everlasting pining.

She came to me clouding my depending desires,
Simultaneously activating all of my senses.
Her veils madly waved, stoking my unseen fires–
Know this for sure, it was my funeral pyre.
She had sworn she would take me higher,
Who am I to call her a liar?

Copyright (c) Marshall G. Kent Sr.

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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