Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root


God does not snicker at our little jokes or laugh at the falling and tripping of others.
He doesn’t get wasted for a good time or to escape the harsh realities of a hard life.
He doesn’t blush at embarrassment or hide from ridicule.
He doesn’t hope the blond that just walked in is checking him out nor does he think he will die without a new car.
He doesn’t wait in line for the newest phone or Xbox or play station.
He doesn’t lust after any member of any sex.
He doesn’t hope to be rich or wish things were different.
He isn’t surprised by pregnancy.
He isn’t takin off guard by an increase in taxes.
He doesn’t watch himself workout in the mirror.
He has no need of any kind.
He doesn’t worry about what’s for dinner or what time it is.
He sets no alarm or reminders to remind him of the grocery list or when a bill is due.
He doesn’t struggle with an addiction.
He has no desire to see someone behind our backs.
He needs no legal representation or a voter ID card.
He is not republican, democratic, bipartisan, communist or a socialist.
He sees no separation in color, creed, ethnicities, race or nationality.
He doesn’t clip coupons.
He doesn’t wonder why his kids act like they do.
He doesn’t sneak a peek at porn sites when no one is looking.
He doesn’t flirt.
He doesn’t screen calls cause knows the conversation will
stress him out.
He doesn’t apply for credit cards or loans.
He doesn’t slack off at work till the boss comes walking around and then act like he has been working for hours.
He has no boss to impress.
He doesn’t watch the news to know tomorrows weather.
He doesn’t stress on a dirty house.
He’s not angry at his neighbor.
He doesn’t count calories, carbs or fat grams.
He doesn’t color his hair.
He doesn’t say things he will have to say he is sorry for later.
He doesn’t talk about us behind our backs.
He is holy beyond any interpretation anyone might have of the word or reality of the meaning.

Isaiah 55:8
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD

© Billy Charles Root

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Also available on Amazon.com by Title.

Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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