VI, Valentine


Excerpt from “Path To Serenity” by Author Isaiah Barber

VI, Valentine

Valentine’s Day approaches our lives yet again. For some, they rest in the arms of their loved ones. For some, love seems so far away from their hearts and minds. For me, Love dwells in the deepest most part of my heart. I may have fought just to survive, I may have felt love fade from my mortal body, but not once have I given up on the hope for love. There is not much I could say or do for the ones who long and search for love, but perhaps this could be just what you need. This is my hope for a valentine…

Hold gently and tenderly the love that circulates in the midst of our lives. It is nothing that is made, there are no shades of grey when it comes to love. For those with someone, treat them with a kiss, a warm embrace and be together all day long as if it were your last. Don’t take it for granted, because what you share is precious each and every second. It’s a journey everlasting when you find mystic wonders in the heart of another.

For those alone on this day of love, remember that you are not without love. Love is in the air; we just need to grad it and hold on to it. Place it within your heart so love could live in you. You are not alone, because there’s one person we often forget and that is ourselves. Spend this time with someone close to your heart; be it yourself, family, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, Valentine’s Day is a day to spend with a loved one. You don’t need to be in an intimate relationship, you just need to be with love. No matter whom you are or where you are, I just want to say… I love you

© Isaiah Barber

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