Shining The Spotlight On Wendy Smale


Shining The Spotlight On Wendy Smale

364 More

The spirit changes with the season,
Why not the rest of the year, what is your reason?
To allow forgiveness in your heart,
Why do you wait till today, to make a fresh start?
Strangers passing on the street,
Just yesterday, you did not smile and greet?
You show your love to family and blood,
Was it not last week, you drug them through the mud?
You give to the homeless man out on the street,
However, is it not everyday that he needs to eat?
Today you stand in a line feeding the poor,
Any other time, don’t you live in delusions of grandeur?
You go off to church in your Sunday best,
Is it the rest of the year, you expect God to do the rest?
Of peace and of joy you speak freely from your mouth,
Is it not your neighbors, who dubbed you “the grouch?”
Today it comes natural to let your light pour,
Is it you, which tends to forget there are…. 364 more?

© Wendy Smale

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


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