Shining The Spotlight On Zo-Alonzo Gross


Shining The Spotlight On Zo-Alonzo Gross

Cerulean Blue

Skies of Darkened amber clouds,
sometimes it seems,
no sunshine is allowed.
Wild-Rain Commences,
often appearing endless,
it embraces the hot ground,
whilst bringing coolness 2 the senses.
Skies of grey,
O’ Downtrodden Day,
So often in life,
things feel just this grey,
till under the winds u crieth out aloud-
“What Roles DoeZ Justice Play”?!
But Alas…
A Mercurial Breeze Enters,
with a path that lights the way.
4 the Wisdom of the sun sayest,
“All Storms Shall Pass”,
Whilst it warms with Reverred-Radiance,
A Peaceful-Spell it Does Cast.
This Love iZ always willing,
2 make Ur Joy Alive-Anew–
& Thus begin,
with Proud SkieZ of,
Cerulean Blue–.

© Alonzo “Zo” Gross

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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