I Am Darkness

Pressing On

Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

I Am Darkness

I creep quietly into your mind
The ink splotch in your cerebellum
Numbing the light sensory of your thought
And in your brainstem inject my venom
I strangle the filament that lights your path
Holding it for ransom from the way
Tarnishing the mind’s eye in blindness
The trigger happiness of hate
I am the culmination of demon Legions
Hell on earth for the degenerate’s soul
The disser of all dis-nesses
The hopelessness of bottomless holes
I am the nervous tremors of Parkinson’s
The very dis of ease
The black hole existence of loneliness
The pain of all who grieve
I am the head on collision of distraction
The drunken anger of a man
The cheating notion of the adulterer
The lustful wants of the hands
I am the absoluteness lack of light
The very shadow of all death
The dis-function of depression
The encourager of plight
I am the high that you try
But, not the high your heart seeks
The hatchet unburied my delight
And the enticement of greed
I am the slow death from cancer
The even slower death from AIDS
I’m also the chemo treatment disaster
And the box where the dead lay
I am the shame and fear in the rape victim
And the evil in their attacker
The politician’s schism
The laugh of the bank account hacker
The absence of the light am I
And the light has come
I do not comprehend
If you embrace it I will die
Then you’ll have lit freedom
And fight against me to defend

© Billy Charles Root

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