VIII, Hold on Tight

Path To Serenity

Excerpt from “Path To Serenity” by Author Isaiah Barber

VIII, Hold on Tight

Have you ever felt like your heart has been pierced by a thousand daggers? The pain seems unbearable, and it’s worse when you’re alone. With no shoulder to cry on, no warm embrace to help you get through the night. I know they’re a lot of people out there who know exactly what I’m saying… these words are for you…

Hold your head up high where the angels fly. There will come a day when the night will break, for the light shall come with a mighty earthquake. You will make it through this night so hold on tight to the star of light. Your hope shall come and tell you, your life’s not yet through so let me carry you. You are so beautiful, and anyone who says different is evil and of the devil. Remember this, you’ll find your bliss. Believe it and don’t forget it; this is from a heart of a poet. You are my brother or sister; wherever you are; believe you’re a beautiful rose peddle in the midst of the most wonderful meadow. At least you have a heart that can be ripped apart, but I believe you will find your heart not torn apart. Fly my beautiful and wonderful rose peddle, to the meadow where your suffering does not follow.

This is for those who are breaking inside. Side by side let us ride in the darkest night and fight together with all our might. Let us show the darkness that it’s in for a fight for we have the strength of titans sent down from the heavens. The ground at our feet shall quake at the sound of a hurricane, and this hurricane shall strip the darkness of its name. Brethren, Hold on tight… we will not go down without a fight. This is our dream of passion and it will inspire all of heaven… I love you all, and pray that you never fall…

© Isaiah Barber

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