I Am the Light


Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

I Am the Light

I am lambent life breath
Breathed into all creation
The light of men and the dreams of the saints
The Lucidity of open mindedness
The outstretched arm of love splashing sunshine paint
I am the prism glow in rainbows
The light bulb in the brightest of thoughts
The twinkle from every star
In the eye and in the heart
I am the spark of hope and the infant’s first cry
The brilliance of the sun which has never been dark
The sound of hello and the tears of goodbye
And the flashing of the welding when to create you embark
I illuminate the soul and cast your shadow to the ground before you
I am the hug of your child and the kiss of your love
The fire write inspiration of the poet
And the pen
I am the truth shine in dark corners shining from above
I am the promises of a promise come to fruition
The silver lining around the clouds
When all seems lost
The moment of head over heels love into falling
I am the payment of eternal cost
I am the visit of the elderly locked in a home
The favorite dolly and the little girls smile
The finally come home soldier to the love of their own
The remission of cancer and new hair growth style
I am the chaser of the darkness from the heart
The rehabilitation of the addict and the drunk
The sunrise promise of a brand new day
The bloom of the Lillie’s growing at the riverfront
I am that I am
Darkness does not understand
I am the strength of the weak
The humble and the meek
How bright would my shine be?
Without the dark to chase from thee?

© Billy Charles Root

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Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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