Make Me Yours


Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences”

Make Me Yours

I feel like I am burning,

In a great desire for you,

That secret place in the depths of my heart

Yearns to feel your ultimate touch…
You conquer my senses,
And lift me up to the cloud nine

The passionate enigma in me,
Possessively tells that you are just mine…
Come closer, come closer please

Touch me, feel me, and breathe into me.

Live in the castle of my love
Which is just for you.
Hum the song of my affection,
Whose lyrics start and end with you.

Breathe the air of my care, which will always shield you.
Feel the intensity of my emotions. . .
They are utterly serious for only you.

Accept the words of my respect, which keep on surrounding the dignity of you.
Listen to the echoes of my heart,
That beats just for the sake of you…

See into the depth of my eyes,
Whose tears are for healing the pain encompassed by you
Watch the broadness of my chest
Which I made cushion for the head of you….

Feel me,
Love me,
Inspire me,
Protect me,
Motivate me,
Innovate me,
Appreciate me for what I am;
I am your soul mate,
The piece of your heart,
Till the end of all ends,
Make me yours,

© Hrishikesh Padhye

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Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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3 replies

  1. Amazing words for love. Thank you for sharing your amazing poetry.


  2. thank you very much


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