The Midnight Sky


Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences”

The Midnight Sky

The full moon was in all its glory
Painting affection-lit thoughts
onto the blank skies;
A springtime breeze moving crazy
with the scent of emotions…
blazing passion and
chasing tranquility.
A surge of emotions
whirled about as
time slipped away…
My heart’s echoes in the silver night
searching for you on and on;
My chest’s broadness
I am missing you so bad.
My vision was looking for you in the woods,
My ears were dying to hear your pleasant voice

Provoked by the mighty zeal
of my endless love
my heart started to sing and sing
in an excitable rhythm
my body yearned
as the ray of my wishes struggled
falling into the space of your senses
and upon your pious soul and then the shouting of my sound in search of you was done by the MIDNIGHT SKY.

Believe in my love,
Believe in my love.

© Hrishikesh Padhye

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Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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