XI, Golden Castle

castle scratch4

Excerpt from “Path To Serenity” by Author Isaiah Barber

XI, Golden Castle

As I’m weeping I am dreaming
Of a maiden sent down from heaven
I am sure her heart is pure
She is the one my beautiful dove

The sorrow I felt throughout my life
Fades away in this moment in time
Among the crowd she notices me
My love, my dove, she dances with me

My shattered mind she has seen
My darkness she turned to light
She says to me “let our love bring”
Joy to your heart on this night

Her wonderful touch her beautiful eyes
She says to me “this is our destiny”
She is my surprise a love that never dies
She dances with me for all eternity

Could dreams come true this particular dream
The love of a dove would bring me joy
If miracles happened this would be mine
For once in my life two doves would shine

My favorite thing about this dream
She loves all of me and says unto me
“Stay with me and leave your battle
Come home to me to our golden castle”

© Isaiah Barber

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Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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