Writer Highlight Featuring: Ken L Custance


Writer Highlight Featuring: Ken L Custance

Real patriots don’t ask questions,
They just do what the fuck they’re told –
Entranced by the power of suggestion-
Caught up in glory’s stranglehold!

They rally for country and king.
They kill at his whim.
Their life to themselves means nothing,
As they do whatever is asked of

Jihadists cut off body parts willy nilly
-all for their precious Allah-
To me this is seriously silly,
We all pray to the very same fella!

Of course God’s name is different
In each and every language,
But his laws have the same inference,
And this world’s open wounds he will bandage!

Now don’t you go and get me wrong,
I am somewhat patriotic,
But my mind is enough strong
As to not be totally idiotic!

You can strap a bomb to your body,
Or wrap yourself in your flag.
Well your leader drinks a hot toddy,
You’ll come home in a body bag!

If I am told to go to war, y’all,
At this I will definitely balk!
Killing is never moral,
Things can be settled by talk!

Now you may say I am yellow,
But you don’t even know me at all!
I’m just a simple fellow
Heeding the God of us all!

There is only one to answer to,
And soon HIS power will be known-
When HIS son comes back for me and you,
And takes HIS place on HIS throne!

© Ken L Custance

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 4th 2016

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2 replies

  1. Great piece love the post.


  2. I have long known my poetic brother has an eloquent and meaningful pen. His passionate ink is something I always take time to read.


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