Writer Highlight Featuring Devin De Kock:


Writer Highlight Featuring Devin De Kock:

Each and every person you meet has a little demon on their back. A demon that none, but they, can see. This little demon haunts our souls, affects our minds and hinders our progress through life’s tribulations. A demon like this, no matter how small, is not easy to dispose of. It takes determination, it takes strength of mind, but most of all, and it takes truth.

The ability to be honest with yourself is an ability afforded to few. We travel through life believing what other tell us, believing we are wrong and they are right. Believe their lies for long enough and you forget how to recognize the truth.

Once I was asked why I believe the lies, and I was at a loss for words. For the life of me I could not find a reason to the question. I must have thought for weeks, even months, upon that very question, but to no avail. Slowly the lies became less believable, slowly the truth began to show.

There came a day, far down the line, when someone paid me a compliment. It stopped me in my tracks and once again I was speechless. I’d been paid many a compliment before but never had I believed them. Yet here was a person who knew me not, saying something nice for no reason. I smiled, saying thank you, then turned to go home. Tears blurring my vision I wondered… Here was a man who thought I was pretty, but how can he see what I cannot?

It took me a while to figure it out, but I think I can finally see it. The ultimate truth lies within all of us, but we are all blind to it. These ghosts that haunt us obscure our view. I sat in the corner, crying alone, wondering how I could have been so blind. I slowly lifted my arm to the sky and pushed with all my heart and mind had, then opened my eyes in time to watch. All my ghosts, one by one, slowly floating away…

© Devin De Kock

Response to our Inspiration Call on August 18th 2014

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