Writer Highlight Featuring Eloquently Speaking


Writer Highlight Featuring Eloquently Speaking

Eloquently Speaking, Like Martin Luther King I Have Dream
Designed to bring all people of all nations together as a team
Working together honestly without schemes
Harmoniously holding each other in high esteem
It’s not a black, white, red, or blue dream…it’s a simple universal dream
A dream that flows from stream to stream, from river to river
Where messages of HOPE are freely delivered
Lover’s of live, everyone are givers
Take what you need and leave the rest
Others are coming…they too must be blessed
And have the freedom to express themselves
And feelings are allowed to be placed on the shelf
Healthy confrontation where you learn that you can’t do it by yourself
Outreach and the freedom of speech, everyone has a place to teach
Walking along the beach, sharing from the heart
Helping others, a brand new start; no longer living apart
Unity in the community where everyone lives liberally
And everyone you look opportunities are knocking on your door
Helping you to soar, teach you how to ROAR!
As you explore, the open doors
Where you started at the bottom
On the ground floor
Now you have success galore
So celebrate, enjoy yourself out on the dance floor
Tomorrow in the morning, we shall gather back at the table to explore
New ways to build a rapport with those that have survived cold wars
Have paid the price and have many sores that need to heal
There are no big shots and no big wheels
This is not a place for those that like to squeal, steal and extend raw deals
In this community you MUST KEEP IT REAL…
pull up a chair while I prepare this fish seasoned with my favorite cornmeal
So we can gather back at the table and share this meal
And continue to balance things out on this prayer wheel for the nations
Where we are laying healthy foundations
Building healthy relations with various speakers all on rotation
Sharing intelligent conversations and making positive affirmations
Establishing peaceful demonstrations, cancelling false accusations
We remove the limitations and strategically execute elite operations
That without hesitation empowers us to make positive observations
Of where we are and where we need to be….one nation, one people FREE!

© Eloquently Speaking

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 15th 2015

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