Introducing Olawale Famodun “Poems Of Redemption”


Published By Creative Talents Unleashed

Preface . . .

It took me several days of wondering absentmindedly, with the paper before me blank while my pen urged me to put down the very first sentence on my view about my very first adventure. It is truly my first adventure. It does not matter how far I had gone in the past churning out one manuscript after another. It does not matter any longer the dire experience having to sit all alone with over twenty years of scribbling on both rough and clean sheet of papers. I had to put down what had come into my head that is dying to be tabled down. There was an inexplicable inner joy and contentment for me in writing, even if it were rubbish. This first adventure, as I am about to christen it, is by all means not my first manuscript. It has, however, come to take the honor of the first book based on several circumstances that had befallen me. This book has become the first experience the same way a junior sibling in a family may get married and bear offspring before the senior ones.

A breakthrough could be essentially a subjective experience. This experience has called for celebration on my part to see this first book out. It is not a matter of how well it does in the market, but what holds me honor is that it came out at all. Over the years, anyone who had been so close to me had always wondered what sort of person I am. They cannot explain what I am doing sitting down alone, staying away from friendship, both male and female, just to write. I have reasoned along with them as well to such an extent that I cannot still say this is the sort of person I am. I ask myself whether writing makes any sense at all, but the devotion is indisputable. Continued in his poetry book. . .

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  1. I feel happiness whenever I write poetry, and I always want it to be contagious.



  1. Indie Authors Published By Creative Talents Unleashed – Support a Writer Today! – Creative Talents Unleashed

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