Cocktail of Conflicts


Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences”

Cocktail of Conflicts

Many times over I have been crippled and wrecked,
I think in my subconscious mind,
About the heady controversial patches
On this colorful sheet of life

How can the lush green TRANQUILITY,
Transform into the desert of AGONY?

How can water bodies quench their own thirst by the bloodshed in tsunamis?

Why is a bona fide betrayal classic
and the most astounding one at the initial phase?

How can an all-time fabulous eventually fall steeply from the ecstasy of excellence?

If change is the rule of nature,
How can change with all harmony at first,
end up into the apocalyptic disintegration?

How can a real life king (protagonist) be beaten at the hands of his own queen (nemesis)?
Symbolizing the defeat,
Worse more than a game of chess?

Thousands of questions,
Since the beginning of time;
Have remained unanswered
Above all else, life goes on anyway

Celebrating everything,
Defeat and or triumph,
Surrendering itself to death,
Cheering and Dancing,
Swimming tipsy in the COCKTAIL OF CONFLICTS

©Hrishikesh Padhye

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