Saved by Love


Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

Saved by Love

The name of love has pierced me through
My heart did stop and die
At my tomb love called to me
I arose from death to life

The sound of love did raise me up
I didn’t ask for it but it still came
It found me there in my sin
Love did take away my shame

Love whispers so soft and true
The sound did wake my ears
Love once did come and die for me
Love did eclipse my fears

How is it possible that love would come
Why would it come for me
There’s nothing I’ve done to warrant such love
There’s nothing I could be

We accuse love of lying to us
And yet love remains standing true
We spit on the very face of love
And still it remains unmoved

We scream and cuss in the ears of love
And yet love listens to our pleas
We hit love on the chin with fists
And still love does not leave

We tore the flesh that love did wear
From the body of a man
We cursed loves name without a care
And still love took our stand

We nailed love upon a tree
to slowly die alone
Never seeing he died for we
He still wants to take us home

There love died so we could live
Praying for us as he went
Love took all that we were owed
And yet love never did get spent

The veil was tore and the tomb was loaned
Love wasn’t done just yet
Sunday morning love gave back to tomb
And on loves way, love went

Love has called me and pierced me through
Love has screamed in a whisper
I love you

© Billy Charles Root

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