Life, a Thirsty River


Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences”

Life, a Thirsty River

The blockbuster starts from day one,
Dancing in the waves of one’s own scream;
Paying fleeting glances to the iridescence of the world,
Grasping the pitch of propagating voices. . .

With the Eagle-Eyes on every solitary object,
Listening to the echoes of the mind’s childish analysis,
Playing Peek-a -boo with nature,
Tending to catch only cold fresh air. . .

Dimensionally growing up we get stuck by the desires
More people being stung by jealousy;
Distorted by intimidations,
We get lost in the deep slumber of delusions

Often stunned by attractions, betrayed by procrastinations;
Sometimes bouncing on the spring of Ego,
and sometimes nailed by the Torment of resurrections…

Even in achievements, the heart can kill the satisfaction,
And in failures, heads can break the enthusiasm;
Tears start crumbling, voice becomes utter silent,
Resulting in desperation with enigma,
that makes us violent

Twisted brains show involuntary tolerance,
in chasing the vanishing trail of accolade’s fragrance;
Possessing almost everything, many times we become like
a greedy sinner, and so, the mirror reflection of our life, is just like a THIRSTY RIVER

©Hrishikesh Padhye

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  1. This is a very thought provoking piece I really became intrigued at the third stanza and was really taken aback by the word choice from that moment forward. Thanks for the post.


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