Coming to Terms


Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light

Coming to Terms

Finally had to realize
My expectations are my own
The only one who will love me like me may never exist
Each rejection is a blow to my ego
Bloodied and bruised I continue to get up for the next round

Corner ‘bout to throw in the towel
My opponent only wants to win
On the terms they set
No regard for my well being

Guess the other fights beat whatever fairness out of them
so this is what I get
Just want a fair fight
But this one is fixed

I’m down for the count…

But I believe in something much more than me
An image that I was created in
Which lifts and gives me purpose
Not going to accept these terms
Realize what it is you have

A man who places God first in his life

© Nolan. P. Holloway Jr.

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Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from MorgueFile

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