Writer Highlight Featuring: Tyler Tostito


Writer Highlight Featuring: Tyler Tostito

“She cheated…I can’t believe she cheated.” The sounds of the city roared around him. The wind whipped against his face, amplified every few seconds by the cars rushing past.
“Get out of the road asshole!”
“Yah.” He whispered to himself, knowing fully well the man would never hear him.
“Lucky fucker” he thought, “decent car, wife, coulda sworn I saw kids.” A tear rolled down his cheek as he replayed the nights events again in his head.

He was running down the sidewalk on his way back from work and the gym, well he skipped the gym today. His smile was so big it was almost tearing his cheeks. A bundle of flowers were in a white knuckle grip in his hand and a jewelry box in the other.
“She’ll love it, I know she will!” He squeeled with excitement.
He tore down Second Ave and peeled around the corner of Third. His apartment building looming just a few seconds down the street.
“Oh shit” he grabbed the nametag that was clinging by a thread, ‘Jason Reed’. He stuffed it in the backpack he carried.
He climbed the steps two at a time and nearly ran into his door. He fumbled for the keys as he heard a thump come from the living room. He slowly opened the door and dropped the flowers as the door revealed more and more as it creeped toward the wall.
“Jason!” The girl screamed and the male who was on top of her slowly turned.
Jason took a step forward and the guy nearly fell off the couch.
“I could crush him. He’s a twig. I’ll beat him until he’s unrecognizable” thoughts flew through his head as the two fumbled for their clothes. He threw the wooden box and hit him right in the forehead and turned around, crushing the flowers in the process as he bounded down the stairs.
“Fuck” he snapped out of it as a bus blared it’s horn as he stumbled into the left lane. “I don’t know what to do…” His phone vibrated, 13…14…15. His unread text messages increased by the Second. The phone slid out of his hand and fell to the pavement as he leaned to the right. Tires screeched…a horn blared, and pain screamed through his body as a final “I’m sorry!” Text flashed on the screen.

© Tyler Tostito

Response to our Inspiration Call on February 15, 2015

Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from StockSnap.io

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