Service Department


Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

Service Department

I have a rosary used in prayer and practice
but I’m no catholic
I’ve been baptized by submersion, but I’m no Baptist
I believe in the methods of Jesus Christ
But I’m no Methodist
I worship The Lord seven days a week
But I’m no seventh day Adventist
I treasure and read the epistles often
But I’m no Episcopalian

Don’t hang a title on my faith in Jesus
Don’t put a name on the way I fall to pieces

Don’t dissect the body of Christ
Why do we cast lots for the rights to salvations price?

Denomination is really separation
and you may not realize it yet but we’re all one congregation

What if we all finally realized this and lived as one with him as he is one with us?
Then we could all ride the same church bus

50000 churches separated by men
I don’t know about you but I am just a plain old fashioned Christian

We are all here to do the work of the savior
So for the time we have we’d be wise to do ourselves a favor

Drop the entitlements we think we deserve
And unite completely under the one we serve

The kingdom of heaven is a repair facility open 24/7
May we all remember that we work in the service department of heaven.

© Billy Charles Root

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