Long Walks


Excerpt from our book “Unleashed”

Long Walks

I want to take long walks
In the park
After dark
Embraced for hours
Claiming what’s ours
Under the stars
Sharing laughter and long talks
Taking time to smell the flowers

Leaving blueprints on the beach
In the sands
During the night
With intertwined hands
Me staying close within your reach
Holding on tight
As I lay my head on your shoulder
Never far from one another
While we discuss gray hairs and growing older
Life continues to bring us closer together
To discover more about each other
The future is our buffer
The sweet things you say
Make my cheeks blush with color

You really make my day
The moon lights our path the entire way
And as we continue to stroll
We discuss our goal
Of one plus one equals two as our math
While letting go of the past
Ensuring that what we have will last
Securing ourselves by not moving too fast

We’ve stood the test of time
Never missing a beat of the others rhythm or rhyme
Imprinted in our mind
Because our history has been like a winding vine
Anchoring us like a lifeline
Leading us back where
It all began right there
Of the road map that led us
To discuss
What we are to be
And where we will go
Loving freely
As our feelings overflow

Under the constellations
We take a long walk
And find the future of our foundations
While we talk
In the park
During the day
Or after dark
As we find our way….

© Jody ‘Tru Story’ Austin

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