Plants on the Pool


Excerpt from “Poems Of Redemption” by Author Olawale Famodun

Plants on the Pool

I can only imagine
One soft-stem plant
That flowers with
Petals of hazel, alders, and birch
Which alone
They reflect to the eyes,
Swimming upon
A gentle pool of streaming water,
Dancing upon the recluse ripple
Succumbing to ballet and
As if performing opera
With sweetest frequency of voices,
Erecting architectural symphonies
That makes me wonder myself, as
Another era comes to a close in my time.
New life is come from old life gone,
Just as a snake could shed its skin
And the earth recovers itself through
Its calibrated events.
I watch the plants in the pool
I keep not my stare away,
Not too longer, and
I know I have just
Imagined my change.

© Olawale Famodun

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Photo credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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