The Silver Kiss

Pressing On

Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

The Silver Kiss

Thirty silver pieces
A sinners ransom indeed
Someone to lead us right to him
is all that we need

One of the twelve
Bring him here to talk to me
I know for thirty he will help
For thirty, will he deceive

Judas, my fellow Jew
Have I got a deal for you
I have thirty pieces of silver here
You can have in exchange for your king

Satan was close by right then
Judas’s heart he did enter in
In his ear he did speak
A perfect plan of deceit

Within his mouth a hollow hiss
It’s sssssso sssssimple judassssss
Just betray him with a kisssssss

Called a friend by his king
No longer meant anything
Satan’s plan was in him now
Betrayals infection the heart did plow

That night at supper the king did speak
Of how he knew of a coming deceit
The hushful room quietly still
And then with questions they began they to drill

Who is it lord?
Asked Peter and John
Who among us does not belong?

The dipper of the bread with me is he
The betrayer within
But let him be.

As they watched in disbelief
And all befallen with grief

The king turned his head
And to betrayer he said
Do what you’ve come to do

Betrayer’s exit raised many a brow
As they wondered
What’s he up to now?
Maybe he’s going to buy more eats
Or maybe
He’s the one sleeping with deceit

Later that night low in moonlight
The noise of the incoming plight
And there at the lead
Satan’s now full grown seed
Led them right up to the king

He told them
he who I kiss
Is the one that you wish
As the light from the torches lit that place

And there on kings face
Judas kissed away grace
And thus the silver kiss of betrayal
Was placed.

© Billy Charles Root

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