Words of a Falling Mask

Woman in Carnival Mask and Costume, Venice, Italy

Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences”

Words of a Falling Mask

Deep underneath the mountain of falsehood,
The truth gets dormant and frozen,
But; for how long?
Since the time has started its run,
I have been faking on and on . . .
Generations have been wearing me as this facade

To smile,
Hiding torment behind a lie;
To show generosity,
Becoming a protagonist in front of every eye;
To show invincibility,
even when wrecked apart from the inner side;
To boast the triumph,
despite knowing that the end has come;
To move in the spotlight,
in spite of being battered by the ignorant arrogance;
To reflect the image of proficiency, even being composed of countless flaws…

All in all they see,
How their eyes want the scene,
Stuck with procrastinations,
Deranged in cognitive dissonance,
Nailed by destructive abstinence…

Having all the acquaintances vanished into the black,
They become the victim of bittersweet melancholies,
Yet still they bounce on the heel of desolate wisdom
When the volcanic truth erupts
and the fog becomes invisible,
the ferocious fate for their fathomless follies
Will rise and become clearly visible

Lessons are learned . . .

What we should truly believe,
is the same thing that our mind perceives,
is the ultimate poetic justice of light to every iniquity;
These are the words to grasp, as those come directly from the mouth of a falling MASK.

© Hrishikesh Padhye

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Photo Credit: © David C Phillips/Garden Photo World/Corbis


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