Man Sitting on a Step

Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light


Bombs bursting inside my head
Bright light from explosions closes my third eye
Wounded and scarred with battles with the past
Blinded to any future victory
Fighting with myself-beating myself guilty
Putting up an outer perimeter to shield me from
reality -I appear as a conquering army
But ravaged by the enemy on the inside
Too many to hold back
Three hundred versus the swarm of Xerxes
Alone with my thoughts that led to behavior that shames
Victory is a mist that rises from the battleground
Seen but cannot be held to comfort my battered psyche
Fear stills me and holds me prisoner in my own mind
Enslaving myself-convinced that defeat is the only option
I live with struggle-an ever present companion
Constantly attacking to weaken my will to win
Somewhere in me rises something that has always been with me
Dormant and awaiting to be summoned to existence
To stand with me in battle to fight and conquer the enemy-myself
War between Spirit and flesh
Confused as to which one that shapes me
I struggle-body or spirit
But I know I’m not alone-each day small victories are won
Obstacles are overcome-the secret is revealed
I forgive myself

© Nolan. P. Holloway Jr.

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Photo Credit: © Design Pics/Corbis

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