Writer Highlight Featuring: Jonathan T R Franklin


Writer Highlight Featuring: Jonathan T R Franklin

My mom had been so sad since daddy left us. He died a month before the big twister that tore through our town.
I saw it coming from my bedroom window and ran to mom’s room shouting, “we gotta get out now! It’s headed for us!”
Mom didn’t move. She lay on her bed looking at dad’s picture on the nightstand. Just like she done since he died.
“Mom please,” I screamed as I heard what sounded like a train smashing through the houses of our neighbors. The outside was turning black as if God had swallowed the sun. I shook mom trying to get her wake from her somber trance.
That’s when we heard dad’s voice and we both snapped toward the bedroom door. He was standing in the hall and said, “this way y’all,” in his country drawl, “follor me.” He never said follow, always follor.
I grabbed mom’s hand and helped her from the bed. We moved toward him but he always seemed just a few feet away. He wasn’t talking anymore, just waving us forward. He lead us outside and into a depression in the ground.
“Lay right here and stay quiet. It’ll be gone soon.” He said just before it all become black as night. We closed our eyes and the sound was rattling our ears. In a few minutes it was over.
Mom and I opened our eyes and stood up. Our entire little neighborhood was in ruins. Our house and my dad were gone.
I was just about to cry when I heard mom say, “we love you too.” I looked at her and asked her who she said that to. She smiled at me and said, “Your dad. He just told me he loved us.”

© Jonathan T R Franklin

Response to our Inspiration Call on March 7, 2015

Photo Credit: Raundivantart.com

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