Photo Booth

Photo Booth Strip of Young Couple

Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes

Photo Booth

Readying for a timeless image and self-pride
Uncertainty setting in throughout this roller-coaster ride
Preoccupied with heinous thoughts and self-doubt
Questioning what this is all to do about
Waiting for the negatives to develop
The beginning of the great facade envelops
Into a grand lie established from the onset
Stones casted and thrown at glass houses; sorry for the disrespect
Reconciliation through kiss and make up
But patience is runneth over like the proverbial cup
A thousand words couldn’t describe this Dark Age
For we were both actors playing our part out on society’s stage

© Lindsey F. Rhodes

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Also available on by Title.
Photo Credit: © Ashley Armstrong/Design Pics/Corbis

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