Shining The Spotlight On: Allan Boettger

Spot 3

Your smile

Within you
beats the heart
of a champion,
your courage
is legion.

How I have wept.
Life raped you
of your innocence.
It beat away
at your happiness.
Tried to humiliate
your love.

There you are
looking at me,
your chin raised, and smile.
That’s when
I fill so
full of love,
that it pours
out from me.

You say
I inspire you!
No, no,
how untrue.
Your courage
to show me
your scars,
fears, hopes, and dreams;
you inspire me.

To love so fiercely
after all you’ve seen.
Gives me strength
to give, to love,
to hope, and dream.
You have given me
my greatest gift.
filled me
with passion and love.
All I can give you
is my heart,
my soul, and dreams.

Your smile
will always be,
my life!

© Allan Boettger 2015

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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