Close up portrait of boy sitting outside


It’s been said,
That there are angels among us.
I’ve seen a few
With mine own eyes.
They are to us earthen creatures,
As the dawn is to the dusk,
And sunset is to sunrise.

I’d like you to meet Tyler.
He’s a friend of mines son.
A wingless angel
In our midst.
The love of God
Clothed in the grace Jesus spun.

On Sunday morn’s
We sneak in to church.
A row in the back
Is where we sit.
Unnoticed in the crowd
We blend in to the outskirts.
He scans the sanctuary
With his eyes lit.

He’s everyone’s
Best friend.
He hands out handshakes for all
And all hand back to him.
In his shadow
How short we fall.

Oh how our lights are so dim.

Just when I think
We’ve gone undetected.
He zero’s in
Eye contact is made.
He jumps to his feet, unrestricted,
Straight to us he makes his way.

He’s not of this worlds
So called “norm”.
I can see the shadow
Of his unseen wings.
Behind his thin angelic form.

He wears the sun in his smile.
The sound of oak leaves clapping in the wind are his laugh.
It’s said he is like a child.
Who could possibly have a problem with that?

He shines in darkness unspeakably.
He is light in heavens corridor.
He is untainted by this world’s prosperity.
He is the lighthouse beckoning on celestial shores.

Unselfish with love,
Uninhibited in joy,
From here he shines above.
This angel, earth deployed.

I can only pray,
I might be like him some day.
One smile from him and clouds melt away as it burns away
the gray.

The bible says be hospitable to everyone for you never know if your entertaining angels.

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from his book “Pressing On”
Now Available for Purchase $13.95 At:
• Also available on Amazon.com by Title

Photo Credit: © Sigrid Gombert/cultura/Corbis

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