VIII, Buried Love

Young Man Looking in Mirror

VIII, Buried Love

I look in the mirror and what I fear is a shattered dream due to what would seem to be is only me. I look back at my life and see no love for me. I don’t know why but I see the pattern. Maybe I should change or be someone different. Maybe people don’t love me for me. Maybe I’m not lovable but corruptible. Maybe there’s a demon inside and no one wants to ride side by side. How did I get here? Am I that evil that no one would like to be with me?

I’ve been emotionally scared and now I see the nightmare in me. Anger reaches the surface and the desire for love is nowhere in sight. The dream I had is now a dying dream and happiness seems to be on another road with a different code. The monster is rising in me and coming to be inside of me, so lock me in a cage, throw away the key and run away from me. I must deserve to live and die a lonely death. Why else would everyone leave me and not want to be with me? I’m tired of loving but not being loved and thus, my love is buried love.

© Isaiah Barber

Excerpt from his book “Path To Serenity”

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Photo Credit: © Emely/Corbis

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