Writing Tip: Writing (No Degree Required)

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Writing Tip: Writing (No Degree Required)

A word to the wise, relax, you do not need a degree to write. Yes there are benefits like learning discipline, how to deal with deadlines and gaining a few connections, but it is not in any fashion a requirement. I said it, you don’t. I can’t tell you how many incredible storytellers, novelist and poets I have met over the years who have little or no formal training in the literary field. Have not invested one hours’ time in any course resembling creative writing. It’s true.

Shelling out thousands of dollars or crippling yourself with student loans to enroll in one of numerous academic programs that seem to sprout out of nowhere like local fast food chains is not a guarantee of instant success. Nor will they transform you into the next Toni Morrison or Stephen King. Only getting down to the business actual writing can do that.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have the means of pursuing higher learning or enrolling in a renowned English program go for it. The schooling can only help, yet remember a title ensures nothing, not a BA, or BFA, or MA or MFA, although wonderful to have they do not make the writer. I know just as many people with degrees waiting tables and mopping floors. What is needed from you the inspiring writer, is a love of words the passion and commitment to put in the time it takes to improve on your craft. In case you are still a bit skeptical, I have supplied a list of a few famous writers who have achieved success without a degree. Go ahead look them up yourself.

1. Mark Twain
2. George Bernard Shaw
3. William Faulkner
4. Jack Kerouac
5. Gore Vidal
6. Bob Proctor
7. James Cameron
8. Terry Pratchett
9. Kathy Reichs

Written By: Demitri Tyler

Demitri Tyler, Author of Measuring For Balance and Creative Director of Creative Talents Unleashed inspires and encourages writers from around the world to unleash their writing potential.
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