Introducing Author Donna J. Sanders “Ataraxia”


Published By Creative Talents Unleashed


In the last few years writing the poems which make up this collection, I have been educated on life more than any college degree could. I feel that the struggles I endured have created the person I have always strived to be. My eyes were opened to the real world and its atrocities. To see people for who they truly are. To find out what matters the most in order to live with true joy.

There are facades we all have to be aware of – the constant deceptions being forced down our throats to be like everyone else and with the mindset that more is better. I have finally learned to be comfortable in my own skin and embrace the unique in me, regardless of what is left in my pockets. I write because it is my gift and I love to, not for profit or to be recognized. I write with the hope that my words could change one life or even inspire. If this is where my destiny lies, then the sacrifices were worth it. Cont… in her book.

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