Evening mood, Hovs Hallar coastline, nature reserve, Bjärehalvön Peninsula, Båstad, Scania, Sweden, Europe


When whistles in my drums remain
loud engines roaring from a plane
echoes to drive one’s mind insane
such sounds that misbehave

A baby’s cry not so soothing
a conversation of a desperate wooing
a neighbor’s instrumental thumping
oh if my lips were brave

The hammering of disrespect
high-pitched rhythms from just a speck
a few kin grumble in effect
my temper I must save

Upon ocean waves with calming tones
a tepid wind with gentle groans
a soothing soul to caress my bones
ataraxia I crave

© Donna J. Sanders

Excerpt from her book “Ataraxia”

Now Available for Purchase $13.95 at:
• Also available on by Title

Photo Credit: © Sonja Jordan/imageBROKER/Corbis

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