Writing Tip: Visual Poetry


Writing Tip: Visual Poetry

In the techno savvy world we live in today, you would think it would be easier to share your writing and gain a plethora of followers on social media sites. Not always the case in my experience, so one has to come up with more creative ways to attract that target audience.

I find that just posting the text of a poem brings minimal results, and it doesn’t help that certain sites only allow a certain amount of characters for each post. Many people today have to be visually stimulated to become interested in the writing on the wall – so to speak. I started using photos from the Internet that fit with the themes of my poems, but then I was informed of copyright infringements – so you have to be careful which photos to choose and make sure they are royalty free and give proper credit to the photographer or get permission from a photographer you might know.

I took it a step further and decided to utilize my free time and love for photography to create a make-shift studio and produce my own photographs. My creative juices started flowing when I researched how easy it was to make a light-box and I started off with a cardboard box, white tissue paper, a couple painters’ lamps and white poster board. Since then I have upgraded my 20×12 box into a 30×20 pvc frame covered in white fabric and added a few more lamps. A Google search will give you all the different ways you can make one or you can even purchase them in different sizes depending on the space you have.

The fun part is just using any objects around the house to practice with: from office supplies to decorative trinkets, food, flowers, leaves – whatever themes would work for your poems – and not just literally, but symbolically as well. You can then play with the photos if you have any Photoshop skills and paste your poetry and sites onto the photo.

There are also numerous phone apps where you can upload the photos to various social media sites. The one I use is Photogrid, where I can upload directly to my Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts. The results have been quite rewarding with the responses I have gained, and I have been able to reach out to the community of writers and artists who are blossoming in the same way.

Most importantly, be inspired by the objects you see every day. Take out those smart phones and snap a photo of anything that you can write about. Let the world be your studio!

Written By: Donna J. Sanders

• Donna J. Sanders, author of Ataraxia, This is my Therapy, and Emotions in Barbed Wire was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and relocated to the United States in her teenage years. She has a MA in English Literature from Mercy College, and a BA in the same field from NYIT. View Donna’s work at: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/donna-j.-sanders.html

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