Writer Highlight Featuring: Ty Bard


A Bite of Pi

According to the formula for pi,
It’s theoretically impossible
To sketch a perfect circle.

We’re circumscribed by built in fuzziness;
Bordered by an irrational number
No one can delineate.

Though I’m not mathematically inclined,
I ponder the absurdity –
The missing sliver of pi,

Like a bite that’s been taken from what is.
Could it be, pi is not a formula,
But a recipe? Good cooks always cook
By taste. Did God lick his lips?

Ty Bard – © Copyright 03/27/2015

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed
Writers Group”www.facebook.com/groups/ctupublishing

Photo Credit: denistorm/royalty free stock photos/corbis

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