IX, Ripping out my Heart

Close-Up of Pipe Wrench with Heart

IX, Ripping out my Heart

I had a dream and it was wonderful. I was happy in it, there were no more sorrow, the torment was gone and my tears were wiped away. A dove would come and heal my heart, my pain, the sadness and she would love me until death parts us. I loved this dream as it was my marvelous dream. She would keep this heart of mine safe in her arms. She would never hurt me. What I thought were a dream come true, my heart was shattered by someone I loved and cared so much about this soul. She left me in the dark, left me in tears and brought grief to my soul.

I was happy and that happiness was robbed and she stood idle. She made promises and did not keep them. She filled my life with hope only to find me in despair. Every day is a nightmare and I still dream of this white dove turned to charcoal. My beautiful stream turned red as my blood flowed within it. I would sink and drown in the bloody river. She watched me in pain even though I told her I’m in pain. How could she watch me suffer when all I did was love her with all my heart? I search for the pieces because my dream is now a shattered dream. She was a pawn for the cold, dark and cruel beast by ripping out my heart. Where is my heart?

© Isaiah Barber

Excerpt from his book “Path To Serenity”

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Photo Credit: © Radius Images/Corbis

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