Shining The Spotlight On: Cori Devilleaux

Spot 6

Share a Kiss

An afternoon burned into my memory,
your eyes, tender and brown,
hypnotic beauty, lovely, soft delicacy,
we held hands, laughed and sighed, remember?
We waded through a sea of pastel yellow daisies,
we put one behind your ear, so pretty, so tender,
we lied under the oak tree, a day delightfully lazy,
we found a four leaf clover, and made a wish,
and under that oak tree, our lips met,
so magical, intoxicating, we shared a kiss.
I can’t stop thinking of that day, under the oak tree,
how soft your hair was, your taste so sweet,
the enchanting euphoria, holding hands, just you and me,
your lips touching mine, your scent, such a treat!
My heart beat so fast, my belly filled with fluttering butterflies,
starry eyes, longing and love filled sighs,
we sat under the shady oak and shared a kiss,
our tongues embraced, filled with rapturous bliss!
Feelings of love, ecstasy, I felt within,
come, Love, lets go hold hands under the oak tree,
come with me, let’s share a kiss again!

© Cori Devilleaux 2015

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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  1. There’s nothing like it in the world!


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