Spirituality, Mythology & Occult

USA, Maryland, Female fortune teller with tarot cards

Spirituality, Mythology & Occult

Beyond the horizons of reality,
there exists an abstract world
of sacred tantras and mantras.
Where the imaginations end and magic begins…

Where the word ‘impossible’ is obsolete
It’s the paradise of ancient beliefs
Where logic has to surrender,
and concepts have to flee,
It’s the playground of the super naturals…

Deep inside one’s senses,
Resides a fear of the unknown
Digging down deep in search of enlightenment,
One gets to know the source of motivation can be anything,
existing or extinct,

The way to triumph can be traveled
only by the velocity of innovative instinct…

Just as the real universe consists of different elements,
Having faith on different idols,
So as the psycho-spiritual world consists of esoteric fascinations, who have their own unrealistic beauties…

© Hrishikesh Padhye

Excerpt from his book “Echoes And Consequences”

Now Available for Purchase $13.95
Also available on Amazon.com by Title

Photo Credit: © Cavan Images/Cavan Images/Corbis

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