Line in the Sand


Line in the Sand

Guilty judge the guilty
Before the king they brought
Caught in the act of her sin
Condemned to death they thought

Stones in hand ready to throw
The king inquired within
Guilty of death she is
For the type of sin she sinned

King bent down
Line drawn
In the sand
Question asked
To all retched man

Throw the first
If you have no sin
Cross the line
If you can

Stones fall
Accusers walk
King stoops down
For a talk

Where are your accusers
They have fled away
They are as guilty as thee
And have nothing left to say

Condemn you not
As far as east is from west
I’ve already forgot
Now enter Ito my rest

No one’s sure
If he actually drew a line
In the sand of the earth that day

But one thing is sure
He drew it in the mind and heart
Guilty they knew while walking away

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from the book “Unleashed”

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