CTU Author Sue Lobo Featured in The Weekly Buzz Newspaper

Sue Lobo


A British writer Susan Greta Read-Lobo (Sue Lobo), a member of the Pensioners Association of ‘Raco de l’Albir’ has become one of the winners of the international literary contest ‘Creative Talent Unleashed’, which was held in California at the beginning of March. Her prize book of poems called ‘The last dance’ speaks about the transition from life to death. “Life and death are two factors which join us together as living beings, regardless of what we will pass during our journey on earth” explained the writer. “This is a book written with the aim of giving hope to people”, she added. In May 2011 Susan wrote a book of memories about her childhood in Africa called ‘Lollipops of Dust. Memories of an African childhood’ explaining how she left England in 1955 with her family when she was two years old to live in the heart of nature alongside the Bushmen. The heads of Culture and Elders Departments, Rocio Guijarro and Isabel Muñoz have congratulated Susan for the success. Her book of poems ‘The last dance’ will be published soon. http://www.lalfas.es/index.php/permalink/6267.html (The weekly Buzz newspaper, Costa Blanca North- ISSUE nº 69 PAGE 7)

Sue’s Book The Last Dance Coming Soon!


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  1. Congrats Sue! Great article…


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