Shining The Spotlight On: Amrita Valan

Spot 5


The pond on the other side of the road
Across my granny’s house
Green….not with slime
But long stalked heart shaped leaves…
Mom tells us stories how she and her sisters would swim in it
Seems difficult to believe
That the pond was a clear pool
Of water once…

I hold the vertical bars of the window…stand on a stool
I’m five years old again,
Or six or seven…
My free uncluttered mind
Stockpiling delightful images
From a fresh clean world….
There are two sweet shops. ..on the right
In between a narrow winding lane
Leads to umpteen relatives friends
Always ready with smiles
To receive.
It’s funny how
The world is both small
And big simultaneously
I’m lonelier now
Despite my freedom to move across cities
Yet at five…my narrow boundaries
Encompassed an infinitely welcoming universe
I may not recall all the names…
But oh the warmth in the eyes
The radiant smiles…
They’re my peaceful valleys
My soft undulating plains…
Those are thankful hossanas
Childhood friends. ..

It’s nightfall…lying in one straight and narrow cot
Two kids on each side of granny…
Listening rapt to her talk
Tales from her childhood…
Rangoon and Burma…
And strange folks called the
British. ..
Of bread tasting like cake called buns…
Nothing now is as good it seems.

Granny in my dreams
I imagined you, in your times, your days…
Sloping hills and peaks bathed in sunny rays
Thus you broadened and stretched my inner space.

Outside in the darkest hour before dawn…
Up again I wake as a little one
Outside the window dances
A coconut tree
In a silent breeze just made for me…
A softest whisper sifting out of the forsaken night
Just before breaking dawn streams bright…
Leave me behind my little one
Forgetting all enjoy your sun…
A day will…
A day will come
Then the moon will shine
Brighter than a thousand suns
And you won’t close your eyes again…
To darkness to sorrow to Teacher pain
The child has dreamt on joyful plains…Sunlit lands.
Dark knows heaven’s Immanence…
Light passes through, that which alone remains
My ancestors, in it
We are all joined
In a long line of Shadows
Behind this light
So beautiful.

© Amrita Valan 2015

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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