X, The Girl with no Name

Portrait of young woman wearing woolly hat

X, The Girl with no Name

She said she loved me
Got me to believe
Thought she loved me
Called me baby

Didn’t give me her heart
I gave her mine
We had a spark, but
She left me in the dark

I remember when I sang to her
All of it was in the name of love
I shed a tear or two
Because I was happy

You hurt me dearly and toyed with my heart
The memories I thought would be the best
Became the worst and turned to dust
Darkness surrounds them now, because of you

I loved you, every part of you
I warned you, I do feel
I told you, I know love
And yet, you just killed me inside

This girl has a name
She had a name, but now
She is just the girl with no name
What a shame…

© Isaiah Barber

Excerpt from the book “Path To Serenity”

Now Available for Purchase $13.95 At:
Also available on Amazon.com by Title

Photo Credit: © Sylvain Sonnet/Corbis

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