I Am Alive


I Am Alive

You came to me in dreamtime,
on three separate occasions.
“I am still alive”
lingered in my mind.
Confusion set in,
with each passing dream.
Could it be?
We never saw your body;
the decayed shell
that once held your soul.
We could not bear to look;
it would have been forever
carved into our memory.
What do you mean
you are alive?
Years passed with this question
etched into my mind.
A memory came;
at once, I knew.
Heaven is real.
You are very much alive.
I can see you, hear you,
and embrace you,
during those times when
I quiet the mind and
just look, listen and feel.
You never left me,
dear brother.
So called ‘death’,
is but the doorway
to being truly alive.
I feel your frequency
forever surrounding me.
Your love will never die.

© Debra McLain

Excerpt from the book “To Conquer Or Die Trying”

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