Writing Tip: Ask for Specific Feedback


Writing Tip: Ask for Specific Feedback

We all want feedback on our writing. Likes and comments such as “really enjoyed this, well done!” are comforting, but they are also vague. Comments that tell us what in particular someone liked or disliked about our pieces are far more helpful when we want to develop our writing skills.

Of course, we are more likely to get good feedback when we give others good feedback, and regular writers should make a habit of commenting on other people’s posts when they have asked for an opinion (always be positive, be sure to mention what was good even when you give critical feedback). More importantly, if we want to know something specific about how people view our writing, then we need to ask about it. You can include a comment in your post for your readers to think about, separated from your work at either the top or the bottom of the post. You can also ask the question in a forum with a link to your work in the hope of discovering a wider audience. Wherever you choose to ask, remember to be specific: you want your readers to be focusing on the points that you wish for feedback on.

For example, don’t simply say “tell me what you think” or “feedback is appreciated”. Instead, ask what people think of the way you have separated your paragraphs, your use of metaphors, your punctuation or the layout of your poem.

Written By: Laura Marie Clark

Laura Clark Picture

About the Author

Laura is a 23 year old English woman with a history degree residing in the UK. She has been writing for many years and enjoys writing horror/fantasy stories, as well as poetry. You can view  more of her work at: https://inspiredstoriesandpoems.wordpress.com/

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2 replies

  1. do we have to ask for feedback on our writing? Isn’t it assumed, that that’s why we posted it in the first place? No one ever gives any feed back of substance on my poetry – I was just wondering if I’m doing something wrong on FB. Thanks

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  2. thanks Adam. I’ve been attending poetry readings in my area and am finding that people reading don’t want reviews, just nods to indicate that it was heard. Maybe this is “what’s expected” by writers


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